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Hi there! I make music here, and maybe a-bit of news, but also please leave a follow if you love my music. Bye! :D Please note if you wanna use my music for something, then ask me at @www.therealjcarter10.newgrounds.com please :D

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Posted by JCarterMusic - October 24th, 2021

I am finally back! I didn’t necessarily quit, but I just was still off the website for a while! I am back with making music! I have loads of ideas in mind, so I will begin saying here’s what I will do!

  • Make Percussion by using drums for the beat itself!
  • Make Intros for more percussions!
  • Make Metronomes!
  • Does that even make sense to you?

Anyways, enjoy the actual music! :D


Posted by JCarterMusic - June 27th, 2021

Ok so my original post was too long, so I will "summarize" it! So I might make a new song and even though I said I quit, I MIGHT make a new song! Hopefully it will be better than my "jazzy" songs! Please note that I was going to make a 4th song after A messy landscaper was a week old, but I failed to make another song, because I tried to make it better than my 3 "jazzy" songs! As I said, I'd cut things short, so yah. I will hopefully make one song on here, and I MIGHT use SoundCloud now after that! Also yes I do quit Newgrounds, except I MIGHT make a new song! after one song! Also here is my old wallpaper:iu_342627_8047452.webp


Posted by JCarterMusic - April 4th, 2021

Hello there! I have not been here in a while! One of my friends Illuminati65 had his channel blow up! I will not make another song BTW. Those 3 were just experimental. I have stopped using this account. I am not back by the way. Goodbye everyone. Find me on Geometry Dash @Jcarter10! Also I will say news occasionally at my other account @Therealjcarter10! I will see you at those places! Goodbye! ;)



Posted by JCarterMusic - July 16th, 2020

Reason why I haven’t been making music is because I'm super lazy. My last post explains how hard it is to first learn how to make actual music. I might use something else then FL Studio 20 to transfer music on here anyways, so stay tuned…


Posted by JCarterMusic - July 7th, 2020

Something is coming… no promises… I just won’t make music in a while…


Posted by JCarterMusic - June 10th, 2020

For those who want to see my news about ME, then go check out my other account please: Therealjcarter10: https://www.therealjcarter10.newgrounds.com